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Hello everyone, I'm Rupert.

My mini bio text is coming soon!


Ciao I’m Benedetta and I’m the Director of Operations here at Dusemond. I will ensure once you’re all going to have the best time possible while studying at our centres, hopefully making tons of great memories and new friends for life. In fact, I might challenge you to a tennis match when I'm visiting centres so get ready!


I'm Veerle and I'm the Academic Director here at Dusemond, where I blend the science of learning with lots of fun to create our unique Easter and Summer programmes.  Whenever I'm not sparking curiosity in the classroom, you might hear me humming to my favourite tunes, diving into the latest read, or (lots of) laughing with friends over a cappuccino.


I'm Andrew and I work as Design Manager within the team. I'll be designing your brochures, handbooks, posters and web stuff, and you'll sometimes see me visiting the centres to judge competitions and pinch snacks from the tuck-shop!

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Hi everyone, my name is David, I work in sales and marketing for Dusemond, you may have seen me in your office or at a fair somewhere, I travel quite a lot. I also arrange visits for our customers to see the schools we offer and am always happy to drive you to see them if you visit the UK.


I'm Tilly and I work as the Operations Manager, so if your coach doesn’t arrive, it’s probably my fault. You’ll probably find me somewhere onsite with a can of coke in my hand, making sure everything is organised and obviously colour coordinated! 


I am Joe I am the off season Academic Manager, I organise all of our off season groups and can usually be found walking around our centres with a clipboard and a cup of coffee (oat milk, no sugar) pretending to be extremely busy and important. 


Hi there I'm Robin and my mini bio text is coming soon!

In the meantime, I'm a nice guy, who's great at quizzes and a musical guru!


Want to join our team?


Hi there I'm Rodrigo and my mini bio text is coming soon!

in the meantime, just know I'm an absolute legend and my Italian heritage doubles that!


Hi there I'm Robin F and my mini bio text is coming soon!

in the meantime, just know that I'm a wise operator with a passion for wines of the world!

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