Uppingham School is a new addition for 2019. Founded in 1584 it is one of the oldest and most celebrated schools in the country. With amazing facilities for leisure and learning and located in a beautiful rural town Uppingham School has everything needed for a fantastic Summer Programme.



From July 3rd 2019



Uppingham School – just 40 minutes from Leicester



International students aged between 8 and 17


Living in Uppingham School, even for a short time, will give students a real insight into life at an English Boarding School

  • Unique, traditional boarding houses each with their own style
  • Mainly single rooms but also some twin, triple and larger rooms for younger students
  • Mostly shared bathrooms on a ratio of 1:4
  • Common areas in all houses for relaxation
  • Unique in house dining. There is no central dining room. Students go back to their houses for meals
  • Dusemond Staff live in all houses with students
  • Safe and secure environment


Local Area

Uppingham Town is a small market town of approximately 6000 people. The closest major is Peterborough and then Birmingham and Leicester are both within 45 minutes. The school is very much part of the town which although small has everything you need including:

  • Banks, Post Office and Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets – small and large
  • Numerous Coffee Shops
  • Beautiful Town Square and Market
  • Regular local bus to Peterborough


When you visit Uppingham School you can begin to understand why it is regarding at one of the best sporting schools in England. Of course there are plenty of other spaces on offer as well for learning and less rigorous pursuits.

  • Indoor sports hall
  • Olympic size, heated swimming pool
  • Numerous Tennis Courts
  • Astroturf and grass pitches
  • Performing Theatre
  • Modern classrooms with interactive whiteboards

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