Let's make some noise!

Our activity staff spend ages planning the onsite activities every day and they plan to make them to be loud and fun.  The programmes is varied and aims to engage all students regardless of age or ability. Activities range from simple sports and arts and crafts through to HAKA classes and our famous mystery challenges!

And make some friends

Our on site programme is the perfect opportunity for students to make friends and meet people from all over the world. When students arrive they will take part in a ‘Sorting Hat’ activity which will place them in their colour team. This team is mixed and they will take part in challenge activities in these teams!


We want all our students to mix as much as possible. So at the start of their stay they are put into colour teams and they will compete in our team challenges in those teams. Challenge activities are a great chance for students to practice their English but also to use skills they never knew they had!

  • Code Breaking Event – an MI5 agent in the making!
  • Monument Building – could one of the students be a hidden engineer.
  • Mystery Challenge – these challenges will involve the whole school and no one know what will happen until the day!


Of course there are some times when it is important to just relax and unwind so every now and then we have activity sessions that focus on simpler things.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bunting Making
  • Self Portrait Challenge
  • Simple Film
  • Magic Show


With all the sports facilities at Oundle and Rugby Schools it would be silly not to use them. So of course we offer a number of sports and physical sessions each week.

  • Tournaments
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Dance/HAKA Sessions
  • Discos!

"Unfortunately, kids have no time to visit the swimming pool. But the problem was just in having no time because they were busy participating in other great activities."

Anna, Russia

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