Of course, the students come first and foremost to improve their English and we have lessons and teachers designed to help them do that. Our focus is on improving communication by building confidence.

Our standard timetable covers 15 hours of English Tuition each week. These hours are split into 15 1 hour sessions and all lessons take place in the morning when the students are fresh! We do not have full day lessons – this is too much for our teachers and students.

We realise that even after the students have been tested and placed in class it is likely that each teacher will have to cater to different abilities and ages. For this reason, all our teaches have a minimum of three years teaching experience and although we provide a structured weekly place we want our teachers to use their experience to adapt to their own unique students.




Our classes have a maximum of 16 students but we try to make them smaller than this. Students are broken into smaller groups to encourage teamwork and communication.


The focus of all our classes is communication and we encourage our teachers to plan lessons that facilitate this.


Mixing with students from other countries is a fun and easy way for students to practice what they have learnt or already know! Classes are therefore divided by age, level and nationality to provide as good a mix as possible across all classes.

"The dynamic classes adapted to the challenge of the current world and according to their ages were an excellent support for them to learn and practice their English. Imagine being in class, but completely out of the routine of the regular school. They were astonished to find teachers deeply connected with the reality of a multicultural group."

Weber, Colombia

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