Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions. Of course, there are many more, so if you need answers to anything else just let us know.

What happens if a student feels homesick?

We have a Welfare Manager at the centre who will be able to help. Also, all the houses have staff living on site who will be happy to help and listen.

Can the school cope with dietary requirements?

The caterers are the same in the summer as through the school year so they are very well versed in dealing with different requirements. As long as you let us know we will be able to help.

Is there a nurse on site?

At Rugby School there is a nurse on site every weekday morning. At Oundle and Uppingham Schools there is a local doctor within a few minutes walk.

Where is the closest hospital?

Rugby – St Cross Hospital is just a few minutes away. Oundle and Rugby have doctors in the town and the nearest hospital is approximately 20 minutes away.

How many hours a week do students study?

The course consists of 30 hours over 2 weeks and 46 hours over 3 weeks. Each Lesson is one hour and then the students have a short break. All General English classes take place in the morning and then most afternoons we have a single one hour lesson where the teachers will talk about the places the students will visit.

Is there a test on arrival? Do the students need to prepare?

In 2018 we trialled an online test and we will be using this for everyone in 2019. The test is nothing to worry about and is made up of three sections: written, multiple choice and spoken. It lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Do all students receive a certificate and a report?

Yes. All students will receive a Certificate of Attendance detailing the number of hours they have studied and a personal report from their teacher detailing their progress.

Are students able to have additional one to one lessons or prepare for exams?

Yes. This can be arranged either at the centre by speaking to the Director of Studies or in advance by sending an email to [email protected] There will be an additional charge for extra lessons.

Who are the teachers?

All our teachers are qualified and many of them have 3 or more years of teaching English as a Foreign Language to young learners.

I am a Group Leader – can I observe the classes?

Of course – we have nothing to hide! All we ask is that you arrange this with the Director of Studies or teacher first!

How many students share a room?

Every house is different. The majority of the rooms at all our schools are single but there are also twin and larger rooms in each house. We will try and offer you the rooms you want but this is not always possible.

Do the students have to share bathroom facilities?

Yes, the facilities are all shared. In most accommodation houses the ratio is about 1:4 although in some it is more and in others less. Facilities are divided by gender and we ask all students and staff to respect this.

Are towels provided?

No, unfortunately students need to bring their own towels.

Are toiletries provided?

No, unfortunately not. The students need to bring what they need with them or buy when they arrive.

Is linen provided and how often are the rooms cleaned?

Yes. Bed linen is provided and changed every week. Rooms and common areas are cleaned every day during the week.

Is there a safe on site to store valuables?

Yes, there is a safe in the office where the students can store cash and passports. Every room also has a lockable space.

How much money should the students bring?

The programme is all inclusive so the only money required is for gifts, personal items and for any optional activities required. There is a locked cupboard or safe in every room but we advise that students do not bring large amounts of cash!