Dusemond Study Programmes

My name is Rupert and I am the founder of Dusemond Study Programmes.  I have over 20 years’ experience delivering exciting educational opportunities to young learners. In 2016 I opened my first centre at Rugby School, which provided a safe, inspirational and truly English setting for our unique programme. In 2017, I welcomed more students to Rugby from more countries giving me the confidence to introduce a second centre in 2018 – this time at Oundle School.

I believe that at Rugby and Oundle we can provide fun, friendly and unique learning experiences for students from all over the world!


Our Name

The rather strange name comes from my father who as an artist thought Dusemond more ‘artistic’ than his real name, Valentine. Maybe he was right! More importantly, he was also an incredible language learner, proficient in 4 languages and able to converse in several more. Ally this to his love of travel and the names seems appropriate.

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