Canterbury is a city in the county of Kent, about 85 km from London. It is famous for its cathedral, and for being a place of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages as well as being the home of the Rupert the Bear Museum.

We use classrooms at GAU which are within easy walking distance of the beautiful city centre.



From early September to late May



Right in the centre of historic Canterbury



International students aged 12-17


We offer two types of accommodation in Canterbury – Hotel/Hostel and Host Family

Our Hotels offer:

  • Twin / Triple and Quad Ensuite Rooms
  • Breakfast in hotels and vouchers for Lunch and Dinner
  • Walking Distance to School
  • Safe and secure environment

Our Host Families offer:

  • The chance for students to experience full immersion
  • Twin rooms for students in safe and clean houses
  • 3 meals a day including packed lunches
  • Safe and secure environment
  • 20-30 minutes from the school

Local Area

Canterbury is a magical place and one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Home to a magnificent cathedral with an interesting and in some times horrible history! Canterbury is just 80KM from London – maybe 90 minutes away!

The city has a population of 70,000 and therefore offer everything you would expect of a small city:

  • Banks, Post Office and Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets – small and large
  • Numerous Coffee Shops
  • Beautiful City Scape and Cathedral
  • Train Station


When you visit Uppingham School you can begin to understand why it is regarding at one of the best sporting schools in England. Of course there are plenty of other spaces on offer as well for learning and less rigorous pursuits.

  • Indoor sports hall
  • Olympic size, heated swimming pool
  • Numerous Tennis Courts
  • Astroturf and grass pitches
  • Performing Theatre
  • Modern classrooms with interactive whiteboards

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